NSU Girl Breaks Up With Boyfriend For Not Giving Her Saree For Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh is only a few days away and every couple out there is trying to turn this day into Valentine’s Day. Bengali couples literally turn every holiday into Valentine’s Day and there’s no doubt that they’ll turn Pohela Boishakh into Valentine’s also.

Every couple has some “special” plans made for Pohela Boishakh and they’ll do everything they can to not ruin their plans. That’s exactly what happened to Shadman Akib and Rashika Alam. They had made plans to go to a nice restaurant on Pohela Boishakh but Rashika broke up with Shadman because of one ‘silly’ mistake that he made.

Rashika and Shadman broke up just before Pohela Boishakh AKA Valentine’s Day because Shadman couldn’t buy Rashika a saree for Boishakh. Rashika was expecting a saree from Shadman and that’s why she didn’t buy any but as soon as she got to know that Shadman wasn’t buying a saree for her, she broke up with him immediately.

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