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NSU Girl Accidentally Added Her Private Photo As An Instagram Story And Becomes A Model Overnight


Another controversial story from NSU! Recently we got to know about a girl who became a model after she accidently added her private photo as a story in her Instagram profile.  With a condition of not sharing the name, the girl confessed her life turning story to 14AGAIN about how she started her modelling career. Let’s hear the story on her own words:



Once I had a relationship with a boy for about 2 years studying at the same University. Even after being together for 2 years, we never got too physical with each other. But we often used to share our private pictures with each other to keep a little bit of intimacy between us. One night before sleeping, my boyfriend asked me for my private pictures and while giving those, I accidently clicked the Instagram Story and didn’t realise at all.  I slept after that and didn’t check my stories. The next day I had my classes scheduled at 4pm and I didn’t get the time to login to my Instagram profile.

However, after I reached my campus, everyone started to look at me weirdly with an evil eye. I met my boyfriend and he didn’t even want to talk with me. He wanted an instant breakup and I couldn’t realise why! He didn’t tell me anything and left me alone asking me to check my phone. After I checked my phone, I felt like my life is ruined in a moment. I was too shocked to see my private photo as a story. I deleted the photo instantly, but it was too late. The story was shared by many people and it went on viral by then. I felt like suiciding right after then.


There was a boy in NSU who had a modelling company of his own. He came to me and said that he wanted to make me work as a model in his next photoshoot which will be held that day as  he was too much impressed with my figure and the one who was about to do the photoshoot was ill and I will be handsomely paid for that. I had two options then. One was to get in depression or commit suicide and other was to take his offer and arrange my life in a whole different way. I chose the second option. I worked and worked hard. They liked my work and later turned me into a professional model.

Now I get too many modelling contracts a week and my pay per shoot is more than 30 thousand taka. People still call me shameless and characterless saying that I intentionally posted my photos for getting into this job. But little did they know, what I could have gone through if I hadn’t take this offer. I might have committed suicide by now. And I don’t work for them or I don’t get paid by them. I do this for my happiness and I consider myself as a Great Decision Maker whose one decision changed a life overnight”Imagine accidentally putting up your private photo and your phone’s battery ends before deleting. The girl went through something like this. Her life took a big turn all on a sudden. She could have broken down right then. But she used her brain rather than her emotion which was the main reason behind her overnight success. She might get criticized but she is an inspiration for many.


Written by Panta Ilish

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