NSU Chubby Girl Diets By Taking Bread Right After Taking A Full Plate Of Rice

We often see that, girls who are fat in nature, tend to diet to be slim and fit by reducing fat. This diet implies that taking of little food that just satisfies your hunger, not your stomach. But, an NSU chubby girl seems to be different. She diets by taking bread after eating a full-stomach rice. Chubby girls are not good to look at. People often make mistake by calling them aunty. So, to avoid this situation, girls try to be slim that looks perfect. They do this by following a proper diet. But, what type of diet is this? An NSU girl, named Taznin, diets by taking bread right after taking a full plate rice! What does she think? She thinks, as she is in diet, she will lose her weight no matter what she takes before taking the scheduled food of diet. As a result, she is gaining weight constantly instead of losing weight. What a great fool she is!

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