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NSU Announces Scholarship Programme For “Instagram Influencers”


North South University authorities have announced a scholarship programme for Instagram Influencers on a press release dated from 14th January, 2019.The press release details the scholarship to be contingent on the amount of likes & engagements to your posts on Instagram and further outlines the agenda behind the scholarship as ‘rewarding talent’In an exclusive interview, NSU Vice-Chancellor stated


We recognize influence & simultaneously recognize the talent required to amass such influence. North South University believes that the enrollment of Instagram influencers in our campus would be something mutually beneficial to both our Instagram accounts.

While many scholars have expressed disapproval at this decision, Instagram influencers have rejoiced at this decision. Moontakim Hassan, 21 has spoken to 14AGAIN on this issue


I graduated high school in 2016 yet never got enrolled in university because I’m a full-time Instagram influencer. Most of my amassed income gets forwarded to Instagram for sponsored posts & my parents have disowned me for my career choice so university was never an option. But North South University has truly turned my life around! I look forward to taking photos in their beautiful campus with my beautiful Yamaha R15 V2 behind me. I mean just imagine me laying back on this beast, bet my Instagram feed would attract girls in bulk.

The North South University Instagram Influencer Scholarship Program shall be effective from Summer 2019.


Written by Bhallagena

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