Noakhali Plans To Send Their National Cricket Team In ICC World Cup 2019

We all know that Noakhali is no more a part of Bangladesh. Their mass protest on social media brought them independence. Now, they are a free nation. So, now they are planning to send their national cricket team in ICC world cup 2019. Noakhali continues their progress in every aspect. They are thought to be one of the most promising nations of the present world. They are going well.

And recently, their president has decided to send their national cricket team in world cup for the first time in the history of Noakhali. Their president said that they want to participate in everything. So, as a part of their plan, they are going to send their cricket team. They think, it is going to be an epoch-making event for them as for the world. Apart from sending the team, they expect to win the trophy also. What a brave nation Noakhali is!

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