Noakhali Guy Gets Caught Writing “Noakhali Guy” Articles At 14AGAIN’s HQ


We here at 14AGAIN see it as our duty to give you the latest and most important news coming from Dhaka. Unfortunately, these past few weeks we have had a number of slip-ups. Last night, a Noakhali Guy was caught in 14AGAIN’s headquarters writing fake “Noakhali Guy” articles and posting them on the website under different usernames. The writer (unnamed) behind these malicious articles was found hiding in a cubicle office on the third floor of the building next to the kitchen of 14AGAIN’s headquarters at around 2PM GMT. Other staff present at the time were just leaving after a good, hard day of writing news for the beautiful people of Dhaka city.


Various articles including common stereotypical dad jokes were among the plethora of balderdash strewn across the homepage of 14AGAIN. Stereotypes involving Noakhailas who dine-and-dash: an act of indecency widely perceived to be common amongst people of that region, where guests tend to leave right after enjoying a meal at a gathering, other jokes involving the regional dialect of Noakhali’s district were also present. Jokes involving their pronunciation of the word “pani” which, in Bengali, means “water”, instead saying “hani”, which sounds close to the English pronunciation of the popular syrup, “honey”. These jokes, to our dismay, still appear to be prevalent among the young generation of Bangladesh.


Even though most of this generation has spent all its life living in Dhaka, we can only suppose it still brings an interest to their lives, the fact that at one point in time these jokes were actually funny. Nevertheless, as Bangladesh develops, we hope its sense of humour does as well. There are only so many stories about Noakhailas that can be made before the river runs barren and dry! We are deeply sorry to anyone who might have been offended by these articles, and will try and change the way we run things here. We have already removed 15 fake “Noakhali Guy” articles, and are doing our best to verify every single news article on our wonderful site. Thank you for being a loyal follower of our news.


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