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Noakhailla Man Jumps Out Of Airplane Right After Finishing Food Served On The Airplane


Azmain Farooq (16), son of a billionaire lives in a luxurious bungalow of Gulshan with his family. He owns many Bungalows in Dhaka and in his hometown Noakhali.


Recently, he has been reported to have jumped off from a flight at a place near Noakhali. The Flight was going to Chittagong from Dhaka and Azmain jumped off the plane all of a sudden right after finishing food served on the plane. However, he safely landed on ground with a parachute and reached one of his luxurious bungalows. Many Reporters of Noakhali crowded at his place to ask why he did this heroic action.

He stated, “My exams ended last week. I had wished to visit my bungalows of Noakhali in this vacation. I always use my private jet whenever I travel Noakhali. But this time my personal pilot was on a leave due to illness. It takes much time to travel Noakhali by a car. And I didn’t want my Lamborghinis to get dirty by dusts and smokes on the road.


Moreover, public flights land on airports and unfortunately, Noakhali doesn’t have an Airport. So I decided to travel through Chittagong-Dhaka flight and use a parachute on the way.” That’s how the Billionaires lead their life! Hope Azmain’s father gets an Airport built in Noakhali soon!


Written by Panta Ilish

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