Noakhailla Guy Stole 10000 TK From His Bestfriend By Texting Him As His Girlfriend On Valentines Day


Nazim and Mubasshir were really good friends until this valentines day. The whole friend circle was rocked after all this twist and drama but Mubasshir was not even smart enough to understand that it was Nazim’s work until his friends  explained him properly. So this is what happened.


It all started a month ago when Nazim started dating Zahara. Nazim was not being able to keep Zahara happy as he was alway out of money. Zahara was very frustrated about this matter and her friends were also suggesting her to break up with him if he does not anything in this valentines day. Nazim had to do something about this matter

Nazim knew that Mubasshir was a dumb kid and he could do anything for a girl, so Nazim used his mothers whatsapp and texted him “kemon aso jaan”. Mubasshir was single at that moment so he answered “Osthir asi ami jaan”.They called themselves “jaan” without starting to date each other.


Things were going fine until one day Nazim asked for money. Nazim called Mubasshir and talked with a lady voice which totally didn’t sound like a girl. Sadly Mubasshir couldn’t understand. Nazim always asked for 500 or 1000 taka which turned into 10 thousand taka. They didn’t even meet each other.

One day Mubasshir’s friend’s came to know about this matter and they directly told this Nazim’s girlfriend. Zahara’s valentines day was spoiled and Nazim was never seen again as usual from a noakhailla.


Written by Martin Atkinson

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