Noakhailla Guy Made Titanic And Drowned It In Atlantic To Cool Himself

The unbearable temperature of Bangladesh has made everyone crazy. A Noakhailla guy has also gone mad. He built a Titanic of his own and drowned it in the Atlantic ocean to get rid of intolerable heat of the sun!People have been expecting rain for days. But, rain seems won’t visit us soon. On the contrary, temperature is also increasing day after day.

It has become impossible to go out under the sun. To get rid of all these difficulties, especially heat, a Noakhailla guy came with a unique idea. He made a ship called Titanic and sailed it for the Atlantic ocean. Then he drowned his Titanic in the Atlantic as he knew that Atlantic is the ocean of ice and icy water. In his last facebook status, he ensured us he was okay and was having a sound sleep in a cool weather.

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