Noakhailla Guy Disappeared So Fast After A Wedding That It Became A Guinness World Record


Kashem is a Noakhailla who lives in old Dhaka. The reason behind living there is because for top quality foods around him especially kacchi. Kashem is known as “the flash” in his area because he disappears super fast after a wedding. Some people also calls this a god gifted talent.


The people around him knows him for a long time and most importantly they wanted to know the exact speed and time which takes him to disappear. So the local people planned a fake wedding and also called the person who writes world record in the book. Kashem did not know anything about that and he attended the wedding as usual. Everyone was keeping an eye on him. Kashem’s style of eating made people question their lifestyle. There was a slight distraction later and Kashem was gone missing. Everyone was rocked by the small amount time he took to disappear.


After all this planning and hard work, the local people came to know that a normal Noakhailla takes 1 s disappear but kashem disappeared in only 0.1 s which made him a Guinness world record holder. Noakhailla’s should be proud of him.


Written by Martin Atkinson

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