Noakhailla Guy Became Rockstar After His Break Up With A Girl

Noakhailla guys are doing all those impossible things. They are just out of this world now. A Noakhailla guy became the world famous rockstar after being dumped by a girl. This is incredible.Munna, the Noakhailla guy, always wanted to be a rockstar from his early period life. But, he didn’t know how to be rockstar. Then, he watched the Bollywood movie Rockstar featured by Ranbir Kapoor. From that movie, he learned how to be a rockstar. According to his plan, he built a relationship with a girl named Purnima.

Though it was a planned relationship, but Munna became serious about the girl. But, the girl used to revoke him about silly matters. The girl warned him several times to break their relationship. But the boy didn’t want it. So, one day Purnima left him for a handsome guy. He was hurt, but not broken. It motivated him to be rockstar. Now he is a famous rockstar. Instead of being broken after the break up, he became rockstar like the movie. That’s the power of a Noakhailla guy.

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