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Noakhailla Guy Beaten Up By Police For Running Away From His Own Wedding After Dinner


Dhaka had been known as a crowded city since last couple of years. It happened because of so many outsiders coming here each & everyday to earn their bread.


Meanwhile people from Noakhali are found coming in Dhaka city a lot too. Rahim Mia was also a Noakhailla who was thinking of coming in the city too. So he packed his bag, arrived in a bus. But when the bus reached Dhaka City, the passports of passengers were checked for security purposes. As Rahim Mia didn’t have the passport of Bangladesh, he wasn’t allowed to ride in the bus any more & was ordered to return to Noakhali again.


So if you are a Noakhailla, next time when you come to Dhaka city from there, you should have the passport of Bangladesh for entrance.


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