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Noakhailla Girl Marries Guy from USA For His Green Card But Ends Up Getting Betrayed


If you thought 50 shades of grey was abusive, wait till what this love story has to say.Komola Banu is 19 years old young and beautiful woman from Noakhali. She always wanted to live in USA with the man of her dreams and spend her days shopping in the streets of Paris.


So she did what every woman with big dreams from poorer countries do. She tricked a foreigner to fall in love with her. Komola worked at a parlor for 5 months to earn enough money to buy herself a smartphone.  She installed Facebook and added the very first young and dumb USA resident she could find.

The name of this unfortunate soul was Zach. Komola flirted with Zach for the next 6 months. She made him fall incredibly in love with her. One fine day Komola told Zach that life in Noakhali was really hard and she would run away if she could. Listening to Komola’s desperate cry, Zach’s heart melted. Zach asked her to marry him and stay in USA with him. Komola lit up with excitement as she thought her plan was successful.


What she did not realize was that she actually fell in love with Zach. But like every love story, this one had a tragic end as well. When Komola reached USA , she found out that Zach was married to a Canadian women and had 2 kids. Komala felt cheated and betrayed. Ironically.


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