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Noakhaila Man Caught And Prisoned For Running After Eating In A Dhanmodi Restaurant


Everybody knows about the ‘level’ of honesty of Noakhaila man. But it’s enough for one glass of Gomutra (cow’s urine) to spoil thousand glasses. Like that Noakhailas having lots of good characteristics are infamous for running after eating. Noakhailas have an instinct of running away after filling stomach. They saw their father doing it and their father had seen their grandfather had done it.


But yesterday a Noakhaila man proved unusual bravery by eating in a Dhanmondi restaurant. It’s difficult to fool a restaurant security in an area like Dhanmondi. Nobody even dare to try it. But as people said once a Noakhaila always a Noakhaila. They can do everything for taking fao (free) food even running from a restaurant in Las Vegas.

Our reporter talked to the owner of that restaurant and he confirmed about that incident of Noakhaila man. He said that the man took a full meal and after finishing food he slowly walked to the main door and gently (how can a Noakhaila be gentle?  For free food, they can do everything) opened the door. But Noakhila people do mistake every time. He thought it was a restaurant in Noakhali. He couldn’t even think that there was a CCTV camera in that restaurant.


Then everything happened as it was to. He was captured by the security guard and they want to beat him. But the owner isn’t a Noakhaila guy. He handed him over to the police.


Written by walter mitty

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