Noakhaila Guy Sent Off To Get Married After Getting Down From Train In Mymensingh

Few days back, my friends went on a trip to Mymensingh after their exams ended. Each of my friends had their own abnormal traits which we all knew. But one of them was from Noakhali, i guess there’s no requirement for further acquaintance. Anyways coming back to the story, no sooner had they got down from the train on the platform, they observed few people waiting. Very soon they discovered that the people were looking for them. Those people were the natives of mymensingh, and right after they received my friends with a warm welcome, the friend from noakhali got overwhelmed seeing such hospitality. Which also made him call his mum and exclaim like “Ma ekhaner manush amader reception korse”


Written by Sadman T Hasan

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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