Noakhaila Boy Had PUBG Chicken Dinner For Sehri

The PUBG hype is not over is. Young boys and even girls are still playing the game like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, the hype has multiplied in Ramadan because it has been noted that most boys and girls prefer to play this multiplayer game after they are done studying, praying and other activities till Seheri.

Many have revealed that it’s a great time pass and moreover, they don’t like to sleep before Seheri!

Well, the idea doesn’t seem like that bad! At least it’s keeping them up for Seheri and encouraging them to fast during the holy month of Ramadan, regardless of how detrimental it is for their health.

So finally, here’s what this guy named Nafis did. It was the second day of Ramadan and his mother kept calling him for Seheri. But since he was in an intense match, that he believed he was going to win, he couldn’t just leave the match and go. He decided to keep on playing and just drink a few glasses of water for Seheri. Finally, he won the match.


The Seheri time was almost over and Nafis started feeling hungry. So, what he did was physically impossible. He decided to eat the chicken dinner for Seheri and fast the next day! How he did what he just did, no one can ever comprehend. But he seemed very satisfied with his Chicken Dinner for Seheri!

Just as the quotation says, “Noakhaillas are weird and they do the weirdest shit ever.” Nafis just proved this statement to be perfectly correct.

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