Newly Married Woman Stops Cooking At Home As Her Husband Denied To Go To Trade Fair With Her


Going to Dhaka International Trade Fair has now become a trend for so many people. Sometimes you don’t want to go to such place which is always full of crowd but you have to change your decision in certain cases. Such a case happened with Niloy too.


Niloy is a newly married man. His wife Mithila loves to do shopping a lot. One day she wanted to go to trade fair, but Niloy refused to go there & said to her, “What you can buy from the trade fair can be easily bought from any nearby shop.” But his wife Mithila was stubborn too. She found the photos of her friends in the trade fair and so she wanted to visit the place too. But she couldn’t manage Niloy. On the following day, when Niloy returned home at night from office, he found that Mithila didn’t cook any food for dinner. When Niloy asked her about it, she replied that it was a part of her protest as he didn’t take her to the trade fair. Niloy became stunned seeing the type of her protest. So finally he agreed to go to trade fair with his wife on the next day.


Niloy was always against going to the trade fair but when your wife is crazy enough to go anywhere, you have no other way to skip that place.


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