Neil Armstrong Admitted That He Saw Raba Khan’s Nose First From The Moon

What do astronauts see of the earth from the space? Many people claimed that they saw The Great Wall of China. But, Neil Armstrong strongly disagreed with this claim. He said that he saw Raba Khan’s nose from the space.

Neil Armstrong was the first human being who landed on the moon first in the history of human civilization. From that moment, many astronauts went there. Most of them confirmed that The Great Wall of china is the only thing of this world that is visible from the moon. That means, only the giant structures of this world are seen from the space.

Raba Khan is also known for her giant nose. Her nose is 1 million times bigger than her body. Neil Armstrong also said so. He disagreed with the other astronauts regarding the issue of of what is seen from the world or what isn’t seen! He said that when he landed on the moon for the first time, he looked towards the earth. Then he saw Raba Khan’s nose and still he believes that Raba Khan’s gigantic nose is the only thing that is visible even from the Mars!

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