NASA Announced That The Picture Of The Black Hole Was A Late April Fool’s Prank

The world has finally seen the first ever image of the Black Hole. This picture is so powerful that it has made physicians from all around the world go crazy. When Albert Einstein said in his theory of relativity about the existence of Black Holes, it seemed quite impossible to prove the existence of something that’s invisible but thanks to this image now we know that it exists and it also shows that the black hole has a outline of hot gas around it which has made it possible to take the picture of the black hole and prove it’s existence.

This is a great new step in the field of science and scientists couldn’t be happier. But NASA isn’t quite happy about the fact that EHT(Event Horizon Telescope) has taken the picture not NASA. Though, we can’t deny the fact that EHT deserves this, the picture that was taken had a size of 5 petabytes of data, which could be equal to the entire selfie collection over a lifetime of 40,000 people. NASA still isn’t ready to give EHT the credit for this and have gone even as far as to saying that this whole thing is a prank. According to NASA, the picture of the Black Hole that we all have been seeing and sharing on our social medias is just a late April Fool’s prank by EHT.

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