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Napa Tablet : Cure to Healthy Relationship?


Are you having tight situations and fights in your relationship? Your girl constantly flipping your world upside down with her incessant bitchery and high pitched screams? Can’t help but fall asleep in the middle of your late night phone calls? The thought of posting a story about how she is your world and the world isn’t flat, always slipping your mind? Well, worry no more, comrade. A recent study from the renowned Sohel Bhaier Dowa Roilo Institute of Science has shown that the solution to a healthy relationship is just in plain sight. The one and only Napa. The holy grail. The potential solution to all the problems in the world. The institute has taken a survey of how often a number of 500 couples runs into a conflict within a month. Following the survey was another arduous test. The couples were  given a daily dose of Napa tablet, once in the morning and once before bed. This dosage went on for another whole month. After the survey , the ladies were called to report in for their partners and the results, they really speak for themselves.

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“My babushona is such a gentleman now, he always holds the door and pulls out the seat for me” says Zorina Begum, a test subject whose boyfriend has previously been accused of pulling the chair away just when she was about to sit and slamming the door right on her face on multiple occasions. “The change is drastic, he always pulled out too soon”, she says with a wink.

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A team of reporters interviewed Dr. Sohel Dre ,also know as Big Bad Doc, the head of the research facility. “Our aim is to make humans out of the animals that we call men. To give the women of the society better and sensible partners. It all started 20 years ago when my 15th wife Sadia, left me. I started to wonder why they kept  leaving even when I increased the wage to 300 taka per hour . We always believed the Napa could do so much more than just curing aches and fevers. Today , the belief is reality. All our employees have two doses of Napa each day.”

It comes with  some side effects though; the subject becomes incredibly perfect and to repeat some reports, almost robotic. “He been acting super nice, he be cheatin, I believe. ” says Sokhina Akter with suppressed tears.

“At the end of the day, what doesn’t have a side effect” says the Big Bad Doc. ” At only 10tk you’ll be getting unbelievable value. I don’t care whether the others Forgot About Dre, but I do hope you don’t have to pay that chic over 200 taka per hour. ” said Dr. Sohel Dre before dropping our expensive 3k Bluetooth mic.


Written by Hasan Mahmud Abdullah

15 year old geeky diehard GOT, HIMYM, Harry Potter and Star Wars fanatic.
Listens to Linkin Park, TOP, Eminem and Artcell all day.

Headshots noobs often in CSGO (sometimes hits the body but nvm)

Aspiring Coder.

pls i swer i am kool. okbye


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