Mrinal Haque Refused To Make Model Sanai’s Statue For The Fear Of Having Too Much Fiberglass in Her Statue


We already know about Sculptor Mrinal Haque’s exhibition is going on from 8th December in Gulshan. But what we don’t know is Model Sanai offered Mrinal Haque to make a sculpture of her. Model Sanai became famous on social media for breast implant.


She Invested 35 millions  on her melons. She has made melon surgery from Thailand to Increase her beauty. So this beauty went to Mrinal Haque’s celebrity gallery. And she was in love with all the statues. And she thinks she deserves to stand beside shahrukh khan as she is also a celebrity and famous for her 35 millions’ melons. So she gave a proposal to Mrinal Haque that if Mrinal Haque makes a statue of her and give it a place beside Shahrukh khan’s statue , she will come on facebook live with Mrianl Haque.


That proposal was enough lickerish. But Mrinal Haque had to think twice as for making Sanai’s statue , he will need Double fiberglass as Sanai breasts have some extra size than normal breasts. So finally Mrinal Haque refused to make Model Sanai’s statue for fear of  having more fiberglass


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