Mother Convinces Her Son That He’d Sit With Jaya Ahsan In The Same Exam Hall

By now, we all are convince that Jaya Ahsan is aging in reverse. Nowadays, she looks like some girl from her twenties, whereas in reality she’s actually, most probably in her forties. Well, we don’t want to believe that crap. She’s will perhaps always be the national crush of Bangladesh.

Recently, teenagers and people entering their twenties are obsessed with Jaya Ahsan. After all, she’s like a treat to the eyes. While obsessed teens are crazy about Jaya Ahsan, there’s no escape from their studies. They still need to go to their school and sit for their HSC exams that’s going on.

One guy, named Rajon refused to give his exam. That’s because he’s scared that would fail his mathematics exam. Although Rajon is an outstanding student and he never fails in any of the subjects. In fact, he’s one of the top 3 students in his class. However, he had a sudden decision to make that we won’t appear for his HSC exam.

His parents got very panicked. At first, they thought that he was just kidding and that we would be find as time passes. When it was finally his exam week, his obsession about not appearing for the exam increased and he had almost gone mad. Some of his friends also tried to explain to him about how HSC is the way he could move forward in his life, but he refused to take it into account.

Finally, his mom found a way to fix her son’s mind. She said that that Jaya Ahsan had also missed her HSC exams during her time and this year, she will be appearing her HSC. To convince him more about it, Rajon’s mom also said that she somehow figured that Jaya Ahsan will be sitting in the same venue as Rajon, and if all goes well, they might even have seat side by side.

Woah. Now that’s something every guy would love to end up with.

In the end, Rajon actually appeared for his exam. Although he was a little disappointed that Jaya Ahsan was not in the venue, but when he looked at his question paper, he saw that the questions were easy-peasy lemon squeezy. So, he aced his exam. Even the thought of Jaya Ahsan could do wonders.

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