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Mosquitoes Are Declared As The New National Insect Of Bangladesh


It is the first of the Bangla month Falgun but still we have the same feeling as it is winter since the amount and noises of mosquitoes are not decreasing. If we sit on the road then we can see mosquitoes over our head as if it a concert of Momotaj.


The first day of Falgun was spent very well and people enjoyed it and tomorrow is Valentines day the love making day not only for humans but also mosquitoes. They eat people more often than couples do so it is easily considered that it is gonna be a special day for mosquitoes.

But seeing such conditions and outburst of mosquitoes it is said to be leading over National animal Tiger, Doyel and others. Therefore, having no other options people are claiming mosquito as our national animal and as our trademark.


Even it got International recognition from all other countries. Foreign people are forming lines at Bangladesh visa application center just to visit Bangladesh see out trademark animal and have its love bites. We are eagerly looking forward to preserve our trademark and continue its legacy forward in future.


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