Mosharraf Karim Was Cast To Be The Father Of Dragon For The New GOT Season


We all are hyped for the new Game Of Thrones season for those who watch TV series. But there is a twist in the tale which was unexpected. It is the crossover nobody expected but still it happened and shook the whole world. But Bengalis should be proud of it.


After almost two years of waiting the new season for Game Of Thrones is coming out. But through some leaked sources we got to know about the breaking news that our famous Bangladeshi actor to play a character in the new season of GOT. But we investigated more about it. Later we found out the missing piece of puzzle that is Mosharraf Karim as the father of dragon.

People from all over the world are getting more hyped to see a new actor from Bangladesh play such a huge role. They feel like they will have a new taste of comedy along with gore,action etc. As this news spread among the Bangladeshis the popularity of GOT will increase and maybe declared the national movie of our country.


Soon in April the new season is gonna be aired as we all are looking forward to see Mosharraf Karim in such a role.


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