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MISTian Girl Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend For Saying, “Tumi Toh Uniform Poro, Baccha Meye.”


University days are regarded as the most colorful days of the student life. But if you are a MIST student, you are not going to have that life.


Raisa, a girl from MIST is having such a life as she has to wear uniform 4 days in a week. Sometimes she goes to date with her boyfriend Robin wearing uniform too. One day when she was in a date, she had some argument with her boyfriend. Then suddenly Robin said to her, “Tumi toh uniform poro, baccha meye, amke ki logic dekhao.” That made Raisa furious at him & she didn’t even think for a while to do the breakup.


So if your lover is a MISTian, don’t pinch him/her for the uniform. They are still treated like children & we should not bother any children.


Written by Goku

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