Mirpur Residents Are In Depression Due To The Roads Being Not So Empty Again

Eid holiday means empty roads, crowds of people and non-jam-packed Dhaka. After all, we live for empty Dhaka roads. But a brother from Mirpur, who got Oscar in the jam accustomed to jam, could not accept this. Around the time of Eid on the eid day of the jam parade of jam around the year, when the brother moved from Uttara to Mirpur in just 20 minutes, it began to bother him. It made him feel uncomfortable and later when he went home, he was in depression.

When the reporter asked him about this, he said:

When our reporter arrived there to talk to the brother, he said, “We leave at least two hours before going to the place. This is the tradition of us, Mirpur residents. We do not know what to do now by going to the house after going to Uttara from the house in just 20 minutes. I feel I have so much extra time,”cried the brother.

Meanwhile, Kamrul Bhai said, “We love jam”; “The tradition of Dhaka is a traffic jam. I cannot even think that we will go anywhere and not sit in the jam for hours after hours, we don’t do that here. We will go to the intense movement of Dhaka so that there is no jam-free and empty junk, when the round-ends of the invitation calls to the relatives’ houses is going on. “

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