Mirpur People Are Now Planning To Make Their Own Atlantis City Underwater

Let me explain what Atlantis is first! There is thought to be a city underwater which was submerged by the rising sea amd is yet to be found. Mirpur, on the other hand is planning to be another Atlantis after the rain has submerged most of the area. The Mirpur people have decided on increasing the water level so that their buildings are filled with water. They are also happy because after so many years at least they will get water to use.

They have already decided to not unclog the drainage line and keep it as it is. As days will pass, the area will be like the legendary Atlantis city and Mirpur the so called developed area will also be legendary. The people of Mirpur are also saying that they might turn into mermaids and mermen due to the life underwater. Either way they are not going to do anything about it and are just happy calling their area so called developed. Now, even I am doubting that villages are better than Mirpur. So guys put your egos down of shaming others and pray you become mermaids and mermen soon!


Written by Chubbyfbunny

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