Mirpur Is Going To Celebrate As Bangladesh Become First in Traffic Jam


Becoming first in something is not always great. However, Bangladesh becomes first in Traffic Jam in the whole world beating all the big and famous cities.


A research organization named NUMBEO has published its traffic index where Dhaka, Bangladesh spotted the first place. In the second place, there is Kolkata from our neighboring country and the third place took by Nairobi from Kenya.

In 2017, Dhaka took second place in the same ranking whereas in 2018 they were not even in the top 185. It’s totally shocking that a country which was not even on the list in 2018 and the next year they achieved the first place. It is an excellent comeback by Dhaka which is thought to be the greatest one before the comeback of Barcelona against PSG in the knockout stage of UEFA Champions League last year. Not only this Dhaka has achieved first place in time wasting and traffic inefficiency.


However, the most traffic jam happening place of Dhaka is Mirpur. The inhabitants of Mirpur are delighted after hearing the news of becoming first in the Traffic Jam in the world. Their hard work paid off at last. They are struggling for many days but could not hear a piece of better news than this.

So this spring, they have decided to celebrate this extreme happiness. They have created a Facebook event. The next Friday they will through a party for this and there will be a big procession in Mirpur for which they are estimated to have a traffic jam for at least two days which will make the impact to stay in the first place in the next year moreover this whole year as well.


Written by Raiyan

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