Mirpur Inhabitants Are Using Their Cars As Boats To Travel

We all have heard that “Bangladesh is a riverine country and boats are our main media of transportation” even though we hardly have rivers now, it’s just filled with buildings. But Mirpur inhabitants were lucky enough to experience why people call Bangladesh a riverine country. Due to heavy rain, Mirpur roads are filled with water. There is literally water everywhere and you can’t travel by walking, you would have to swim.

We can also say that Mirpur has turned into a huge river. Mirpur inhabitants haven’t been quite familiar with this situation yet and if they were, they would’ve kept boats in their garages but as they don’t have boats, they are using cars as means of transport. Earlier today, someone uploaded a video where we can see that the roads are filled with water and people are using their cars as boats to travel.We hope that Mirpur inhabitants are able to go to their offices and schools tomorrow without having to use their cars as boats.

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