Mirpur Guy Rescued His Lungi From Uttara After The Storm Blew It Away

The strong storm “Foni” endangered the lives and liabilities of Bangladesh. The whole country has been witnessing the strong wind for the last couple of days. It has blown away many things, so has Mirpur guy’s lungi!

Obaidur, a Mirpur guy, woke up early in the morning today to enjoy the rain of Dhaka. The strong wind was blowing then. When he was about to wear his lungi tightly, the strong wind blew it away leaving him naked. Obaidur was in a dilemma what to do. So he decided to rescue his lungi, no matter where it went as it was his only lungi. He started to chase the lungi. He was running fast remembering the famous dialogue of a movie, named, Forrest Gumph “Run Obaidur Run.”

After so much hard work, he saw his lungi landed on a road of Uttara as wind also stopped. So, finally, Obaidur got his lungi back. Then he wore it and came back to Mirpur after facing a five-hour long traffic jam.

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