Mirpur Guy Left For Star Cineplex 3 Weeks Earlier To Catch First Show Of Avengers Endgame

A guy living in Mirpur DOHS started his journey to ‘Star Cineplex’ 3 weeks earlier to catch ‘Avengers:Endgame’ first show on time. But fortunately he was late by 10 minutes. “ I am a diehard marvel fan but I missed every single movie of Avengers series except Infinity war. From the last year when a new marvel movie is released, I’m the first guy to watch it on first show. There is no exception for this year too.”,he said.

He didn’t expect to reach star cineplex within 3 weeks. He took metro rail from Mirpur DOHS to Mirpur 10. Then he took boat and ‘kadhe uthao’ service by pathao to cross Mirpur river. This was the hard part of the journey as it alone took him over 2 weeks. The other part of the journey he finished with U.S bangla airline.But  the first show started 10 minutes before he reached Star Cineplex.

After talking to the authorities of Star Cineplex, our reporter came to know that this guy booked endgame ticket last year on his way to home after watching infinity war. At first they didn’t want to book a ticket so early . But when he said,”bhai, ami Mirpur thaaki, they didn’t wait a second. Meanwhile, Avengers cast came to know about this matter and expressed willingness to meet this guy. The good news is that Tony Stark promised to give his Ironman suit,but with limited power,to this guy so that he can fly anywhere only in Dhaka.


Written by Alauddin

14AGAIN Contributor,Bangladesh

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