Mirpur Girl Accepted The Boy Who Proposed Her With A Boat

Boys try to impress the girl with various valuable things while proposing. But, Mirpur girls expect something different considering the overall circumstances. That’s why Mirpur girl accepted the love proposal of a boy who proposed her with a boat! Arafat, the Dhanmondi guy, had a crush on Mirpur girl Taznin. He attempted to impress the girl by proposing with many things.

The guy is not the only person. Many more guys of that area proposed the girl with valuable ornaments. But, every time the girl refused the proposal. Finally, he hit upon a plan. He saw that Mirpur people barely move because of water. The girl also couldn’t move about freely. So, he bought a boat and proposed the girl with that boat. Surprisingly the girl accepted the proposal! Wow! Great idea got resulted!

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