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Mia Khalifa Is Coming To Bangladesh


We all know who Mia Khalifa is. Most of us not only know her but are also a huge fan of her. She is the one who was there when no one else was and deep inside(pun intended) we all want to meet her.


It has always been a dream for many people to be able to meet her and this dream is coming true for her Bangladeshi fans. Mia Khalifa is coming to Bangladesh! Yes, you heard it right, the girl of your dreams is coming to Bangladesh. This isn’t a rumor, she is actually coming to Bangladesh. This is what she posted on Facebook a few moments ago, “To all my fellow Bangladeshi fans, I am coming to Bangladesh for a meet and greet!”

It was a great surprise for all us and the best part is, there will be no entry fee. Everyone can go and meet her.


The excitement of Bangladeshis are off the roof and it is quite clear only by reading the comments of that post. Mia Khalifa hasn’t yet announced when she will be coming to Bangladesh but it got leaked that she will be coming on 25th January and will stay for 9 days.


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