Mechanical Engineering Boy Falls In Love With A Girl From Electrical Engineering And Drops His Major

Mechanical engineering is known as the mother of engineering. Many students who love to know about machines get admitted into Mechanical Engineering department. Abir is also one of them. He was so passionate about the subject.

But his dreams took a new turn on the orientation day of his varsity lyf. He saw a girl in the orientation program on that day. The girl was so beautiful that he fell in love with her at first sight. After asking one of his friends, he came to know that the girl was from Electrical Engineering department. He thought that he can see her often if he chooses Electrical department. So he cancelled his admission in Mechanical dept on the following day & later got admitted into Electrical department.

Their 1st semester class will start soon. Abir hopes that he will now get the opportunity to approach for her easily. When love is blind, passion for your desired subject is nothing.

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