Man Jumps From Bashundhara City After Meeting His Online Girlfriend In Real Life


Aryan Chowdhury, 2nd year student at AUST, currently living in Puran Dhaka has been dating Maisha Rahman for 4 months. They were introduced by Maisha’s friend, Kashfiya , during this year’s Shakrain festival in Puran Dhaka.


Aryan first saw Maisha from a distant rooftop while she was trying to fly a kite. Maisha had just broken up with her ex so Kashfiya was trying to hook her up with someone. Aryan was also looking for a girl to fall in love with. So like any other responsible friend, Kashfiya introduced Maisha and Aryan. Masiha and Aryan talked over the phone for a few months and finally fell in love. After 4 months of dating over phone, they finally decided to meet. Aryan and Maisha decided to meet at dhanmondi KFC and declare their love to each other face to face. But when Aryan saw Maisha from the other side of the road, he didn’t walk towards her. He ran. He ran far far away to Bashundhara City because she was super ugly in real life compared to what she looked like on Facebook. Aryan was so disheartened that he decided to jump from a roof top to punish himself for his poor choice in women. He jumped from the fourth floor of Bashundhara City and died. Thanks to the miracle of death, he never had to see her ugly face again.



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