Man Invents A Remote Control To Change His Wife Every Year

We know that there is often argument takes place between husband and wife. These debates sometimes, lead to serious chaos in the family. Mostly, children are affected by it. People get married happily but soon after the honeymoon period is over they start fighting. Couples are seen getting involved to find each other’s fault. For this reason, counseling is the ultimate remedy.

Barisal man ‘Valuka khan’ is always irritated by his wife. His wife, ‘Anusha’ complains about her husband’s idleness all the time. ‘Valuka Khan’ watches TV 24/7 and does not work at all. Even his only daughter also wants him to work. But, he has no intention to change himself. Recently, Anusha kicked out ‘Valuka Khan’ from home for his laziness. Though he took out the television along with him and started living in the garage. He felt peace then.

Valuka khan started to realize that he was very happy with his wife in the first year. But, things started to change quickly. She became violent with him. So, he understood that a new wife is needed. This new wife will be for one year because after that she will become old and will start to fight with him again. As a matter of fact, he concludes with a solution to this problem that he will have to invent a device/remote control that will change wives as like TV channels.

Without wasting time, Valuka Khan implanted a laboratory at his garage with all necessary equipment. He is very close to success and summed up all his notes on his research paper. Moreover, the local husbands also donating money in his research of inventing a remote control to change wives. The time will say whether this device will solve the problems or will add to it!


Written by AKM Salman Haque

A creative Professional. Contributing society as a Pharmacist.

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