Man From Barishal Is Hunger Striking To Marry Kylie Jenner No Matter What It Takes

We all know that Barishailla peoples are very famous for their activities in both positive and negative way. Many people make fun of them but they are always brave enough to praise about Barishal and the people of Barishal. They have a very tight competition with the Noakhaillas. People mostly make fun about their behavior and activities. They are everywhere across the country. But we are not here to talk about those things.

We have recently come to know that A guy from Barishal who is a die hard fan of Kylie Jenner has started a hunger strike because he wants to marry Kylie Jenner. He has also said that he won’t stop until Kylie herself comes to Bangladesh and promises to him that she will marry him. That Guy has also threatened Kylie’s husband famous hip-hop singer Travis Scott to leave Kylie otherwise he will kill himself. All of the relatives of that Barishailla guy are very much worried and anxious about his activity. His parents are trying to stop his strike but he is stubborn enough to continue the hunger strike.He has become the talk of the town. People from other districts are coming to see him and his neighbors are charging a amount from the tourists for seeing the guy who is striking. He has said that ” Mor kylie re khub vallage, mui oree sara basum na.

Amnera jemne paren oree mor dhare ainna den, naile mui moirra jamu kew thehaite parbenna. ” Kylie Jenner hasn’t officially responded to this till now. But there are rumors all over the Internet that Kylie is coming for him. When we asked the Guy about this hunger strike he said ” Mor pasada badami hoite pare, kintu mui Kylie reh biya koirrai sarmu. Amnera deikkha loien “. Journalist from all over the world has come to that place and broadcasting the news. Many of the American celebrities has twetted advising Kylie to marry the Barishailla guy. Donald Trump has said that he will bear all the expenses of the marriage and if the Marriage happens, America will be happier than ever before. Now we can see that the Spotlight is on the Barishailla guy. Let’s wait and watch what happens next.


Written by Pithu Biswas

14AGAIN Contributor

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