Man Diagnosed To Be Infertile After Mosquito Outbreak


If you live in Dhaka, Mosquitos are as common as Oxygen. Sadly, Ripon Chowdhury, 29 didn’t know this.Ripon is a US resident, he has come to the country to get married. Ripon, a Harvard graduate loved to sleep naked, a habit he picked up while in University. Being a US resident, he was unaware of the local mosquito outbreak and kept the window open.

The next morning, Ripon woke up nearly paralyzed by the pain! His body had turned red from it’s natural chocolate color! He quickly went to his family doctor for a full body diagnosis and the results shocked him!

Ripon was now infertile! 14AGAIN reached out to the helpless man, who told us in tears:


I was saving my virginity for marriage, but now I do not know If there is even a point to this! I was told mosquitoes suck your blood, not your semen production glands!

14AGAIN has also been informed that Ripon’s marriage has been called off and his US citizenship status has been compromised.


Written by Bhallagena

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