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Man Arrested For Marrying 32 Women And Blames His OnePlus Phone Asking Him To NEVER SETTLE


Well this is unrealistic but a Delhi man legit took an initiative to marry 32 women and blames his OnePlus phone for asking him to “NEVER SETTLE”, he went straight forward to the police with his and his statement that when he turned on his phone for the very first time, the logo “NEVER SETTLE” inspired him for to never settle in real life resulting him being with multiple women, one at a time.

He explained to the police that his device 64GB, like 2GB space for keeping noods of each of his wives. He also explained to the police it is okay to as many as wives you want because at the end of the day “THESE GIRLS AIN’T LOYAL” anyway. If there’s one thing ever loyal it’s the latest Yamaha R15 V2 – maintaining a bold look, packing the rider with everything for a long-lasting & premium experience.The police later agreed to his statement and released him and now he is also willing to upgrade his OnePlus to Samsung Galaxy S9 because “NEXT IS NOW”. So the question stands: will he ever get more bobs and vagene?


Written by Riasat Hossain

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