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Madrasah Student Marries Hindu Girl To Convert Her Religion


16th January marked the marriage of Abdul Yasin Rahman, 22 and Sudipta Banarjee, 18. Yasin and Sudipta met online, on a popular matrimonial website. Yasin instantly knew he wished to marry this girl, yet the only problem was that Sudipta was Hindu and Yasin was a madrasa educated scholar.

He thought of the consequences of this and it resulted in many sleepless nights for the pious Islamic scholar, he turned to the cursed internet – a jewish innovation as his last resort and finally figured out that it was fine to marry a girl of any other religion as long as you may successfully convert them!”I love my wife, but I love my muslim wife even more! Today, not only my parents but all the angels have blessed me with their prayers, InShAllah!” said Yasin.Yasin has been appointed as the Imam for his local Masjid.


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