Lover Boy Gifts His Ex A Bodna In A Sudden Meet In Dhaka International Trade Fair


Many bengali boys & girls get involved in relationships in their life. Some of them can carry them on, some can’t. Those who do breakup with their partners later, a lot of people among them accidentally meet their ex in real life later.


Hridoy is one of them. He went to trade fair with some of his friends in the last week. There he bought a t-shirt, two packets of biscuit & a bodna. When he was returning from the fair, suddenly he saw his ex Sarmin near a shop in the fair. He thought he would avoid her but when she saw him, she waved at him & indicated him to come near her. Finding no other way, he went to her & asked her if she could buy anything. She sadly replied that she forgot to bring her wallet so she couldn’t do any shopping.


Hridoy felt sad for her and so he gave the bodna to her what he bought few moments ago. Sarmin felt very strange after getting the bodna but that’s how Hridoy was & she realized Hridoy hasn’t even changed a little bit.


Written by Goku

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