Loner Fractures His Finger By Giving So Much Love Reacts On Pictures Of Girls Wearing Saree For Falgun


Falgun day just passed by but the vibe is still going on if you just scroll down your facebook homepage. Girls wore colorful shari on the falgun day, captured photos & uploaded the best ones in facebook. But people sitting at home are only busy in giving reacts on those pics. Rana also did the same thing as he was being lazy all the long at home because of being single.


He woke up from sleep at 1pm & then found the pictures of so many girls in facebook. As facebook doesn’t have any restriction like Instagram for reacting on posts,  he started giving love react on the pics. But he went little too further that at night he fractured one of his fingers for pressing too much on the mobile screen.


So ensure the safety of your organs if you are single. You may not get available opportunities to use all of them properly but you should not affect them too.


Written by Goku

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