Lemon Ice Lolly Melts Into Lemon Juice After Jaya Ahsan Posts A Picture

There’s no denying the fact that waves of scorching heat have swept the capital in the past few weeks. That combined with the humidity levels in our country makes dehydration very prominent, it is essential to carry water when one is going out. To give an example of the heat situation in the country, if you were to buy a lemon lolly ice cream on the streets from any local street vendor, it would turn into lemon juice by the time you take your second bite. Yes, climate change is real, you were probably thinking about it right now. Recently, the Bangladesh Enterprise of Kelvin( the author has forgotten the formula to convert Kelvin to Celsius, please use Google search, this is not a paid advertisement) and Animal Rights, otherwise known as ‘BEKAR’ has found that the temperature rises as much as 3 degree Celsius after Jaya Ahsan posts something on Instagram.

This was truly a remarkable discovery. Now it all makes sense. This will help us find solutions to the problem at hand. All we have to do is make sure we ban Instagram just like how we have already banned Facebook, Youtube, etc in the past for no proper reason and then it will be “Thanda Thanda Cool Cool”. Just make sure to ban the VPN websites as well, if not, the problem would be as recurring as the characters who are killed off in Indian soap operas because the characters which are killed off come back to life within 5-7 business days.


From hearing about the rumour that the sequel of the movie ” The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is going to be made solely because the director and producers were in awe as to how gracefully she has aged, it seems as though her age is reversing with time. There has always been a saying, time and tide wait for none, but now we can safely one thing, time and tide wait for some. With all things said and done, we have to acknowledge that she truly is a class apart. Jaya Ahsan is one of the select few who can represent our country even in an International platform.


Written by the flying cow

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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