Kid Earns Money By Cleaning Dad’s PC From Viruses He Downloaded

Consider this: if we were kids today, some of us would want to buy a particular video game, comic book or maybe that fidget spinner which got out of trend long ago.

Sabil, a 13 year old kid, wanted to get some chicken wings with a timed special offer in a fast food joint opposite to his school. Since his parents denied him money to get some, Sabil eventually created a dastardly plan.

The sneaky rascal used his father’s computer and downloaded software that came loaded with adware, followed by downloading pirated software via torrents and maybe download that one particular Trojan.Exploit that finishes his recipe for disaster.

Once his father sees the computer working sluggish and non-responsive half the time, his son times his arrival meticulously before telling him that one of his teachers gave a lesson about virus removal.

Needlessly to say, Sabil carries out his plan but not before asking for what price he was going to do the deed. As a reward, his dad offered him 500tk. That was enough to get 3 orders of that chicken wings he wanted.

The next day, he munched on those wings with glee all the while sharing them with some of his classmates. It was a pretty good day…..till his dad later found out he downloaded the viruses in the first place.

Moral of the story is: You can delete your browsing history, but don’t forget about your downloading history as well 😉

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