Khan Helal’s Best Friend Rojon Uses Profoundly To Steal His New Bae

Khan Helal is by no means an unknown face. Having achieved immense popularity from posting a video on Facebook, expressing his undying love for his girlfriend Mithila and his deep sorrows after she left him.We still do not know if Mithila is happy now after having hurt Khan, as the latter asked repeatedly in his video. Rumour has it that Mithila left Helal after months of frustration because Helal couldn’t grow a beard, for a guy with a bush named Jon. However, it has been brought to our attention that the tears that gave Khan his fame, are yet to leave him behind. Helal, was just about now moving on from Mithila, after having met his new love interest Reshmila on TanTan.

TanTan is an application with the tagline ‘date for real’ and our boy Helal doesn’t play around, so it was pretty legit. Also as he had previously told Mithila that love cannot happen through Facebook, so he had to try another source. All was well until, like many of us, Khan fell into the fad of is Sarahah’s younger sister in a mini skirt. And our infamous cryer is a trendy guy, as you can probably tell by the sharp edges of the spikes in his hair, so he obviously had to open up an account with the caption ‘I don’t care what you say about me’.Not surprisingly he instantly got a message, which read as follows:’LOL BABE, mis uuu, luv U loads- Mithila’.

Now, Mithila was Khan’s first true love in its purest form, so in a moment of weakness, he blocked Reshmila and straight up went to text Mithila, only to find out Mithila still had him blocked. Hence, Helal did, what the best of us do, he went to his secret fake account through which he still followed Mithila and saw her sharing an Igloo icecream (our sources couldn’t find out the flavour) with alleged lover Jon.

Turns out it was Helal’s childhood bestfriend Rojon who had sent the text to him in an attempt to break his relationship and steal his girl. We are still unsure of as to why, but we are assuming, in this excruciating warmth and traffic, he too wanted someone to suffer with while sharing a ‘Frootika’ and who is a better candidate than ‘porer bou’? The grass is always greener on the other side afterall.Nevertheless, will we be getting another heartbreaking soul wrenching video from Khan Helal? Only time will tell.



Written by TossBiskut

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