Khan Helal To Rescue Salman Muqtadir from Tahseenation


YouTube war is going between Tahseenation and Salman Muqtadir. After publishing the latest video in his channel SalmanTheBrownFish, Tahseenation roasted him saying the video is not appropriate for Bangladeshi people and the video is vulgar.At the end of the roasting, Tahseenation asked everyone to unsubscribe Salman Muqtadir’s channel SalmanTheBrownFish. As a result, his almost 100k subscriber went down.


But a big fan of Salman Muqtadir’s has come to rescue him from this. None other than the boyfriend of ‘Mithila’, Khan Helal. He uploaded several videos.In the first video, he told that Bangladeshi people couldn’t recognize the real gold. This is our fault. We always do the same thing. Salman Muqtadir is the first youtuber of Bangladesh. He suggested to respect Salman Muqtadir and not to unsubscribe Salman. At the very end, he promised to be always with Salman Muqtadir.

Just after one day after his first video, he uploaded the second video. In that video, he asked Tahseenation to stop this drama. He also asked Tahseenation why he is doing all that with Salman Muqtadir. It is becoming ‘pera’ for Khan Helal. He also added that he will always be with Salman.

In one of his facebook status, he stated that he can leave his girlfriend Mithila because of Salman Muqtadir. This shows how much he loves SalmanTheBrownFish.

In the last video, he tore his T-shirt in anger because of Salman Muqtadir. In that video, he was crying and asked people not to unsubscribe Salman Muqtadir’s Channel SalmanTheBrownFish.


এইবার ছিরে ফেলছি গেঞ্জি সালমান মুক্তাদির জন্ন??আমি পাশে আছি পাশে সবসময় থাকবো আনসাবস্ক্রাইব কেন হচ্ছে?wy not Bangladesh ?

Posted by Khan Helal on Tuesday, 12 February 2019


এইবার ছিরে ফেলছি গেঞ্জি সালমান মুক্তাদির জন্নআমি পাশে আছি পাশে সবসময় থাকবো আনসাবস্ক্রাইব কেন হচ্ছে why not Bangladesh



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