Khan Helal Is Getting An Oscar For His Song Covers

Not everyone deserves an Oscar and getting an Oscar can seriously change someone’s life. We all know a lot of celebrities who deserve an Oscar but haven’t gotten one yet and on the other hand, there are some people who didn’t deserve an Oscar but were lucky enough to get one. Somewhat like how Modric got the Balon D’or. But today, we will not be talking about someone who didn’t deserve an Oscar but instead we’ll talking about someone who is finally getting an Oscar which he should’ve gotten a long time ago. That person is Khan Helal.

There is so much that can be said about this guy and there are over 9000 reasons why he deserves an Oscar but the reason why he’ll be getting one is his song covers. Apparently his song covers are revolutionary and it is not possible for any normal human being to be able to upload a terrible cover this confidently and also be able to face all the backlash. Khan Helal will be getting his Oscar soon and it’ll be a huge moment for every Bangladeshi out there

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