Keka Ferdousi Decided To Make Air Conditioner With Noodles

The great cook of the human civilization is back with a bang! Keka Ferdousi expressed her willingness to make millions of air conditioner for the people so that they don’t nee  to suffer in this summer. The most thrilling fact is, she wants to make it with just noodles!

Keka Ferdousi is arguably the best cook of this universe. Everyday she receives offer from the best television channels of the world just to host a cooking related program. This immense demand is for one of her specialities. She can make anything with noodles. The Burge Khalifa of Arab Emirates was made by her with noodles. Now, she wants to make air conditioner with noodles.

Bangladesh is facing terrible heat of the sun. People are running after a cool place. Air conditioner makes it better than electric fan. So, Keka Ferdousi decided to make 5 million AC for Dhaka people and distribute it free of cost among them. She just wants donation from people to bear the expenses of noodles. We hope she will do it for the people of whole country next time.

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