J.K Rowling Reveals That T-Series Is Actually Gay

The billion-dollar “Harry Potter” franchise is loved by millions of people around the world but it seems like this love wouldn’t stay for long, thanks to J.K Rowling. The first series of “Potter” books ended in 2007 but Rowling hasn’t stopped adding details about her characters that are definitely not necessary. The first unnecessary but very important important fact that she revealed was that Dumbledore, Harry’s beloved schoolmaster, was gay.

These revelations by Rowling hasn’t made the fans happy instead her revelations seem like they are taken out of a fan-fiction. Her most recent revelation is that T-Series is actually gay in the “Harry Potter” franchise. According to her, both Pewdiepie and T-Series exist in her wizard universe. And in that universe, T-Series is gay.

Fans still don’t know how to react to this but this hasn’t stopped the memers from making wild memes.

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