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IUB Student Goes To Jail For Faking Her CGPA


No matter how hard we try, Just passing a semester becomes hard for us, let alone have a 4 out of 4 CGPA. But Monisha Alam’s CGPA was a 6.85. When we tried to uncover this mystery, what we found was astonishing yet a little bit sad.


Monisha is a final year student of IUB. She spends the last 8 years (it took her 6 years because she is unbelievably dumb) trying to graduate. When she was young, she fell and hit her head. Now her brain does not work all that well. So when it was time to graduate, she knew that her CGPA wasn’t high. So she went to NILKHET, the document forging capital of Bangladesh, and asked the shopkeeper to give her a 6.85 CGPA so that it seemed higher than everyone else but still believable. Thus the shopkeeper attended to her requests. When she later used that certificate to get a job at Unilever, well let’s just say she is now happily working in jail and wondering what she did wrong.



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